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Brandon T. Brown is a renowned wildlife photographer based in Canmore, Alberta. Brandon's passion for photography began in 2008 when he first picked up a camera and started capturing the stunning natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies and its wild inhabitants. Through hard work and dedication, he managed to make a living full-time through his artwork starting in 2011 by selling his works at farmers markets and art and craft shows across Alberta and British Columbia.

In 2018, Brandon fulfilled a dream of opening his own gallery, the Brandon T. Brown Wilderness Gallery, in downtown Canmore. His gallery has since become a premier destination for lovers of wildlife and the great outdoors, featuring his most captivating and memorable photographs of wild animals and wild spaces. In 2020, Brandon opened a second location in Banff, bringing his art and message of conservation to an even wider audience.

As a passionate conservationist, Brandon seeks to share his experiences with his gallery and web visitors, in an effort to foster an appreciation for wild animals and wild spaces. His photography reflects his deep love of the natural world, and he hopes that by sharing his images, he can inspire others to take action to protect our planet's precious resources for future generations. With a growing following of dedicated fans, Brandon is committed to making a difference through his art and his advocacy for environmental causes.